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The Samohi Concert Band Program
The Samohi Concert Bands

The Foundation and Heart of the Samohi Instrumental Music Program consists of the Concert Bands. Here is where the primary instruction in woodwind, brass and percussion takes place. Exceptional students may have the opportunity to augment their music education through participation in the full orchestras, the jazz ensemble, and the marching band. All students, however, must maintain good standing in their assigned concert band in order to be eligible for these ensembles.

There are multiple concert bands at Samohi, and students will be assigned to an ensemble based on their ability to perform on an instrument, their ability to follow rehearsal procedures, behaviors and expectations, the availability in their schedule, and the available positions in each ensemble.

The Samohi Concert Band
Concert Band 2004
The Samohi Concert Band is our mid-level performance ensemble. Students should expect to perform grade 3 and 4 literature (written for intermediate to advanced high school ensembles). The instruction in this ensemble addresses performance & rehearsal skills and rudiments that form the foundation for musical growth and participation in more advanced ensembles. Students require fundamental skills (knowledge of scales, reading ability, rehearsal procedure, etc.) to progress to more advanced literature. Students should expect to perform grade 2 to 4 literature throughout the year (written for intermediate ensembles). Students who do not audition may be assigned to this ensemble regardless of playing ability. This ensemble is currently divided into seperate woodwind, brass and percussion classes, in order to more effectively focus on the unique challenges of each instrument family.
The Samohi Symphonic Band
Updated Description Coming Soon.
The Samohi Wind Symphony
Samohi's "Second Wind Ensemble" performs at a level comparable to most high school "first ensembles." Students should expect to perform grade 4 and 5 literature throughout the year (literature written for advanced high school and college level ensembles). Membership is by selection only, however, this ensemble is open to all grade levels.
Symphonic Winds 2004
The Samohi Wind Ensemble
Wind Ensemble 2004
One of the most outstanding high school bands in California, meeting the highest national and world standards for wind and percussion music. This ensemble is reserved for the most advanced music students, membership by selection only. Seniors are given special consideration, but are not automatically admitted. Students should expect to perform grade 5 and 6 literature on a regular basis (literature written for college and professional ensembles).